Stockholders Is A Big City Style Steakhouse Dropped Into The Heart Of The South Shore...

The feel of the interior, the design, the decor, and the ambiance are all reminiscent of an upscale, urban "steak-centric" restaurant. The menu boasts both traditional and untraditional steak options and a variety of cuts utilizing only the highest quality USDA choice beef products prepared on our 1250° oak-burning grill, a sizeable selection of farm-raised and wild seafood from both local waters and abroad, and an array of fresh pasta dishes. Stockholders' purpose is to bring a little bit of Boston to the South Shore - the quality food, creatively executed menu, welcoming environment and superior dining experience often associated with urban dining - without the inflated prices or demanding commute. Romantic dinner, business meeting, power lunch, or a quick snack and a drink after work … Stockholders aims to be the premier destination on the South Shore for dining in style without the extravagant prices.

Our Name...

The story behind our name is both somewhat obvious and extremely curious at the same time. On your first visit to Stockholders, you will find a sizeable collection of authentic, vintage stock market artifacts, from original print newspapers and magazines to issued company prospectuses to Wall Street-related artwork.

It is no secret that the word "stockholders" itself has to do with the business of buying and selling stocks on the open market. In fact, holders or owners of stocks are provided with certificates referencing their purchases and our walls are adorned with a wide variety of originals issued from companies ranging from the corrupt Enron Corporation to the pre-cursor to our current day commuter rail located one mile away from our front door, the Old Colony Railroad. Obviously, there is a business and stock market undertone to our décor and restaurant design.

Where the name takes on an entirely different meaning is as it relates to the actual "stockholders" of Stockholders. Owner Kevin Hynes, after a 30-year restaurant career spanning 10+ different restaurants solely on the South Shore, has come across some great talent both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

The thing about great talent is that it should be recognized for what it is, rewarded, and maintained and it was Kevin's goal and determination to make those things happen. When he decided to open Stockholders, he made his two most loyal, dedicated, and talented chefs, Richard McInerney and Scott Boragine, actual stockholders in the restaurant and he did the same for his two most loyal, dedicated, and talented managers, Karen Newhall and Jeannie Russell, asking nothing in return but continued passion and enthusiasm for providing the perfect dining experience on a nightly basis for all of our guests.

Kevin took a percentage of Stockholders and gave it to them in recognition of and appreciation for their hard work over their respective careers with him and named the restaurant in honor of their tireless devotion to the business and to the greater goal of providing great food and great service to all the guests served over the years and into the future at Stockholders.


Kevin Hynes

2018 marks Kevin's 37th year as a restaurateur on the South Shore. He opened his first restaurant in 1981 in Kingston, after deciding to exclusively pursue his part-time cooking over his career as a Weymouth police officer. He resigned and took a chance. Stockholders is his 10th South Shore restaurant, not including the numerous others for which he has consulted or assisted partners in opening, and his 1st in his hometown of Weymouth. Things started in 1963 when a dishwasher called in sick at the Hingham restaurant where his mother was a hostess, the Red Coach Grill. He signed up to fill in and never left the kitchen again. Working his way up over the years under the supervision of Chef Bobby Hackett, from dishwasher to prep cook, fry cook, line cook, and finally head chef, he quickly realized that his true calling was to be in the restaurant business and not in the business of law enforcement. After graduating from Bridgewater State College, fulfilling his duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, and his career as a police officer in both Hingham and Weymouth, his real life began as did his mission to bring great quality food, in sizeable portions, at reasonable prices to all areas of the South Shore. This mission started in 1981 and is still ongoing in 2018. Guests of Stockholders can expect that same high quality, the same sizeable portions, and the same reasonable prices for which Kevin has become known over the last three decades and he is thrilled to have the opportunity be back home in Weymouth where he was born and raised.

Erik Hynes

Erik, Kevin's son, is no stranger to the South Shore or the restaurant scene. Born and raised in Halifax, Erik has spent his entire life in restaurants from Plymouth to Boston and in every role. Born the same year Kevin opened his very first restaurant, Erik grew up absorbing the ins and outs and the pros and cons of restaurant life so it was no surprise that he ultimately ended up working in them. His abilities more strongly suited for the front of the house, Erik worked his way up through the ranks over the years both within his father's restaurant group and beyond. Following graduation from Boston College where he earned his BS degree in Finance, Erik kicked off his Boston career as a manager at Bravo, a contemporary, upscale American bistro-style restaurant featuring creative takes on classic dishes. From there, he became General Manager of B&G Oysters, James Beard Award-Winning Chef Barbara Lynch's chic and trendy WeymouthEnd raw bar, a position he held for just short of two years. After a management stint with the Sarkis family at the Back Bay Restaurant Group, Erik joined yet another James Beard Award Winner, Chef Ken Oringer, accepting the General Manager position at both the Five-Star Clio Restaurant and Uni Sashimi Bar, both located inside Boston's Eliot Hotel. The standard for fine dining in Boston and listed as one of the top restaurants in the United States, Clio boasts one of the most inventive menus in the city featuring modern French cuisine with subtle, Asian undertones while Uni features the freshest and most exotic raw fish prepared using traditional Japanese methods. But at the end of the day, Erik always knew that he belonged back home on the South Shore. So given the opportunity to once again work with his father and do what he loves in the area in which he grew up, Erik jumped at the chance and decided to take his Boston experiences back home again, joining Kevin in opening Stockholders in Weymouth.

Scott Boragine/Executive Chef

Executive Chef Scott Boragine is the culinary mind and driving force behind the kitchen doors at Stockholders. Behind the scenes in the little seen world of a restaurant kitchen, Scott inspires his team and leads by example lending his passion for cooking and his superior work ethic to devising creative dishes and menus inspired by some of the classics of traditional steakhouse fare while contributing a bit of his own flair and personal touch to prepare food that is uniquely Stockholders. Possessing an apparent phobia of relaxation or days off, Scott is a "working chef" and can be found behind the kitchen line nearly every evening cooking, leading and ensuring that everything leaving the Stockholders kitchen is something of which to be proud. Chances are if you have dined with us before, Scott has personally impacted or prepared your dish and he would not have it any other way. Born in Cranston, Rhode Island, Scott moved to Sturbridge, Massachusetts and finally to Pembroke working his way up the kitchen ladder in several local restaurants as he settled in on the South Shore. Taking his experiences as dishwasher, pizza cook, and line cook Scott moved out to California and attended culinary school in Pleasant Hill where he studied and gained more experience at his school's working restaurant, The Norseman. Scott continued his culinary education at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island and landed at our sister restaurant, Inn at Bay Pointe, following school. Scott logged 11 solid years behind the line at Bay Pointe in various positions and while there, assisted us in opening several other Hynes Restaurant Group restaurants in the early 2000s. After all of this, he was the natural choice to run the back of house operations at Stockholders and he assumed the role upon opening in 2010. His dedication and enthusiasm for cooking and for the restaurant business has served him well and has afforded him the opportunity to serve our guests well in return. Scott shares the same ideals, goals and vision as Kevin and Erik having spent the last 15 years together and always aims to showcase his hospitality, creativity and genuine love of food by preparing flavorful, sizeable dishes that will keep our guests coming back for more and more.